This is something that you won’t hear people talking about, while I struggled against it first hand. I lost my mother due to this order that had been sent out to these hospitals.

It felt like I was trapped in a nightmare. The people staffing these places were monsters. Their solution for every problem was Hospice and Death.

There were so many unbelievable acts committed last year that have been swept under the rug. Why does society look away and allow this? Is it unimportant until it’s you being executed? By then it will be too late and you won’t have the strength to act.

Not being treated to heal, treated to kill…

Begging for food while being starved to death…

Being spoon fed stool …

Laying in your waste all day until it causes your skin to fall off …

Cutting the circulation to your extremities causing your limbs to die and fall off….

Being laughed at and degraded while fighting for care…

but no one cares…because you’re nobody and your life is worthless to them…

the strong survive, while the weak meet their demise …..

I pray for those in positions to provide care …

I pray that if they choose to aid, stand by or aside and watch man at his worst, that they shall suffer an ill a hundred times worse than what they subjected the weak and defenseless to….

You have not gotten away with what you done … may your race begin …. run …run … run …

Body Moving In A Circular Motion While Praying…Am I Evil

After my morning meal, I recited the Fatiha twice. Then, an inner voice suggested that I recite it more times, so I did. I had set the number of times that I would recite it in my head….as I became close to the end of the prayers my body began swaying side to side. Then the body started moving in a circular motion….the movement increased with each repetition. I clinched my toes to the floor because I sensed that I would fall due to the unusual movement…. the voice whispered … relax… so I did and I did not fall out of the spiral. I ended the prayer and held a hand over my mouth in awe of the experience. Tears trickled down my face. Before praying, I asked myself a question …

“ am I evil “

I walked over to my window and looked out and was surprised to see a large orange bellied hawk standing across the street from my house. I was privileged to observe it for a moment before it went along its way…. what an amazing entry into day…

Ive been…

Thank you kindly for reminding me of this….


I’ve been having violent dreams every night.

I’ve been seeing people in my subconscious who are no more.

I’ve been feeling ashamed for my complain while others endure beyond my self induced pain.

I’ve been crying for the hunted, for the wounded, for the cold, for the hungry, for the vulnerable, for the weak.

I’ve been enraged by the darkness. I want to surrender it to the Light. I stop to ask myself is this my fight?

I’ve been fighting all my life. It seems the fight refuses to have an end. Perhaps I must discipline myself on where to retreat or how to begin.

Once upon a time I was a lone young girl on a plane when a stranger left me with these words “Nothing Is Ever What It Seems.”

I pondered a lifetime on what that means. Could very well be placed upon the wisest of things.

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My Butterfly Buddy “Pete”

I LOVE this poem…It is my favorite and a true story…I had fun writing this : )


This is Pete, an amazing little butterfly that I had the privilege to meet.

His wing was broken and torn, his flight was on suspend, without hesitation, I decided to take him in.

I offered him fruit and honey, the honey made things worse… I knew then that my thinking was not so diverse.

The following morning I sat him out to bask in the sun… he stuck around assuring me that our friendship had begun.

Two days had passed and we continued our stance… I had faith that Pete would fly again and get a second chance.

Running late for an appointment I forgot to bring him in… again, I failed my injured little friend. 

At my return the grass was being cut where he normally hung out…  I scouted the yard for pieces of him to be scattered around or about.  

When I didn’t see a trace, all…

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Success Is No Accident: “Grateful People Are Successful People”

There Is Nothing You Can’t Achieve In Life….You Are Your Only Limit

Take Responsibility For Your Life and You Will Take Control of Your Life

Stop Making Excuses…They Are Only Weights

There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For…”Grateful People Are Successful People”

Spend Every Morning Thinking About What You Are Grateful For and You Will Attract More

Making List of The Things That You Are Grateful For Will Transform Your Life

Practicing Gratitude Will Create A Better Mood and Better Relationships

Follow Your Own Path Regardless of Others Opinions

Don’t Wear Mask To Fit Into This World…Be True To Who You Are

Self Development…Never Stop Learning and Working On Yourself…Being Self Made

Live With Integrity…Living A Life of Truth…Nothing To Hide…Living With Pride

Give Your All Because You Love What You Do ..Success Should Not Be A Struggle

Change The Way You Feel By Learning To Change Your Focus To Gratitude

Don’t Chase Money…Follow Your Purpose and The Money Will Chase You

Failure Is Only Failure If You Fail To Learn The Lesson…Keep Writing Your Story

The End Result Will Be Worth The Sacrifice

Unsuccessful People Think About What They Will Have To Give Up To Achieve Their Goal While Successful People Think About What They Are Going To Gain At The End of The Process

Patience Is Power….Keep Going

Be Prepared To Work For It…Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy

Let Go of The Past…It Cannot Stop You…Focus On The Here and Now

It’s Never Too Late To Be Great

Everyone Will Not Be Happy For You….This Should Never Stop You…Be Strong To Walk Alone

Habits Make or Break You…Create New Better Habits To Take You Closer To Your Goal

Fear Is Mind Made, An Illusion…Go For What You Want In Life Fearlessly

Clear Goals…Know Where You Are Going…Without Direction You Will End Up In The Wrong Section

Believe In Yourself…Feed Your Mind Self Development Material Everyday…Back Yourself


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