What happens when a tree falls

Whats beneath its surface

A lifetime of unearthedness

released, unleashed

Is it a loss or a gain

life is so peculiar

both could easily be explained




who am I to think I’m more special than a tree

disappointed because no one notices me

who am I to think they should care how I feel

it’s my fault that I haven’t learned how to deal

by now I should have become like steel

this is a cold cold world

now that’s real

I Love Musicians: Michael Kiwanuka

I LOVE MUSICIANS! Their lyrics and melodies help you through the storms….The tides recede giving you the strength to carry on.  Thank you for your messages and all that you do💯Your light is beautifully bright, it shines through….

(Love and Hate)

“Looking To Give”

I got up thinking of Mother Teresa for some reason.  I won’t pretend to be a historian or act as if I know much about her life, because I don’t.  I read about her in 2010 during a Saturday morning Borders visit, where I would go to see what was new in Time, Life, or National Geographic.  Like a child, I appreciate pictures and color (smile).  So I was scanning a Time and came across an article tributed to Mother Teresa.  I read stories describing her compassion, passion, bravery, Love, humility, sacrifice, and honor.  I fell in love and was instantly her fan.

The article explained how she visited the poorest communities to offer her service, how she visited the sickest of the sick to lend her hand, shoulder, or whatever was needed.  Then I read the story of the bull.  It was said that a wild bull was terrorizing a village, and when Mother Teresa visited the village, she faced the red eyed creature head on causing it to back down.  After reading that, I wanted to be like her, faithful and fearless in the face of danger, always looking for ways to help those in need.  I’ve heard that some criticize her deeds, but there always seems to be someone looking to dim the Light of others.  I’m glad I was given opportunity to read the article.  As a result, I house her remembrance as an “Extraordinary Devoted Servant of Goodwill For The Sake of Others.”  I am forever thankful for the “Mother Teresas” of the world, “looking to give,” who make life’s delicate design seem more meaningful and easier to live…